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Organic Wealth

The more of us who understand how wealth is created, the better our society will be.

Many believe wealth is unfairly distributed, leaving little remaining of the wealth pie for everyone else. But in actuality, wealth can be created from nothing.

When one person creates wealth, the wealth pie expands. The great thing is, an expanding pie doesn’t prevent others from growing it further.

In Organic Wealth you will learn:

  • How you can create wealth that never existed before.

  • How wealth creation has unlimited potential.

  • How supply side economic policy is ideal for everyone to create wealth.

  • How the wealth gap is bridgeable, but not through taxes or redistribution.

  • Why the progressives’ wealth tax is unconstitutional.

  • How there's a workaround the left could use to achieve a constitutional wealth tax - if they're clever enough.

  • Why we need the Organic Wealth Amendment.

  • How capitalism is the fairest economic system for everybody.

  • How democratic socialism is really just socialism.

  • How socialism shrinks the wealth pie.

  • And so much more!

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